A design team that is committed to a collaborative approach, utilizing a multitude of professional talents has been the key to our success.


Founded in 2005, Deb Stone Interiors has been multi-faceted in our approach to cultivating commercial interiors, by providing an array of interior design services which positively reflect on the client’s brand in health care, corporate, retail and hospitality environments.

Deb Stone Interiors consists of a team of very talented designers, each of which offer the client unique areas of expertise.  A collaborative approach and integration of talents was the vision Deb Stone sought to achieve when she assembled the current group of design professionals.

We have worked with clients from concept through completion to achieve an exceptional design objective.  Through establishing an interior design program with the client (assessing spatial needs of & interactions between users), providing conceptual planning, space planning & design options, budget & design development (including drawings & specifications), assembling interdisciplinary teams for a collaborative effort, and managing the project through completion, the owner’s intended goal is attained.

Whether developing a new interior, renovating an existing facility or seeking to transform an existing space, Deb Stone Interiors offers creative solutions to enhance the existing architecture or create new architectural elements for maximum visual impact. Attentiveness to our client’s views, responsiveness to their program requirements and diligence with following the project through to completion within budget are our strengths.




Practicing in the interior design field since 1999, Ms. Stone brings a varied and unique background to the industry.  Deb Stone achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Bloomsburg University and Master of Arts Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration from Marywood University.  Ms. Stone worked as a licensed nursing home administrator for 10 years before returning to Marywood University for coursework to pursue a new career in interior design.

With her diverse educational background and management experience, Ms. Stone brings a passion for excellence to her career as a commercial interior designer.  She believes that “the human response to the physical environment is critical to physical and emotional wellness, a positive attitude and ultimately to productivity in the work environment; it simply cannot be ignored.”

As a commercial designer, Ms. Stone has delighted in the opportunity to impact health care, as well as corporate, retail, and hospitality environments through her team approach to design concepts.  “’Perception is reality’ was a phrase I was accustomed to hearing as an administrator…I find this to be true in contract design.  The interior must meet a multitude of perceptual needs of its end users including business owners, their employees, clients and visitors.  It can often be a challenge to synchronize a corporate identity with the consumer’s expectations; however, by respecting the owners’ knowledge about their product, service, or brand, a harmony may be achieved for a successfully functioning space.”



"I have been interested in design and how it affects us for as long as I can remember. This fascination and attention to detail led me to a great opportunity that I was fortunate to take in 2005 with Deb Stone Interiors. It is more than just what I do.  I take great pride and responsibility in taking the essence of a space, the needs and desires of its occupants, along with the principals of design, and creating an environment that reflects you … your purpose … your heart and soul."



Tara graduated Marywood University in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science-Interior Architecture Design.  She received her Masters of Art- Interior Architecture Design in 2009.  Tara has worked with several architectural firms throughout NEPA, Commercial Kitchen Designers, and Interior Designers over the past eleven years.

“As a designer, my goal is to create the space the client envisioned without them realizing it was their vision to begin with. If they love something, you make it work!"

"My design belief is simple…It’s all about the details. Independently they’re important, but when combined, they truly make the design. Color is not scary or permanent. Take a risk and be daring! Great design comes from those that break the rules!”



Mandy has worked with numerous Architects, Engineers and Developers over the past sixteen years, as well as working independently on numerous projects across the United States - including casino interiors, corporate headquarters, and many other commercial projects since 1999.

“I have always believed that great design begins with understanding the needs of your client, which means each project is unique. That is one of the many fascinating parts of this job - getting to know the amazing variety of people I do in the course of my projects."

"As a Commercial Designer, I try to draw on a number of resources- these include a history of design, use of custom materials and having an eye for the details of each project. My ultimate goal is to create an environment that embraces the occupants with style, comfort, functionality and durability.”



Nicole Verdetto is the most recent talented member of the Deb Stone Interiors group.  Nicole graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. 
Nicole’s skills are multi-faceted, assisting the designers with presentation preparation and performing a variety of administrative functions.  She has an eye for detail, is bright, enthusiastic and a valuable asset to the Deb Stone Interiors team.



Brianne graduated from Marywood University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design and a minor in photography. She enjoys using the experiences she has in both fields to enhance her practice of the other. “Considering an environment from both a photographic and design perspective has lead to me to a stronger appreciation for and understanding of composition, clean lines, strong geometry, textures, lighting, and consistency.”

Before starting with Deb Stone Interiors, Brianne worked in the Healthcare branch of interior design. “It can be a challenge to create welcoming or soothing designs in healthcare where the standards are strict and often limiting, but in a potentially alarming environment like a hospital, good design that makes the user feel safe and calm is crucial. I love taking on that challenge.”



Erin majored in both accounting and interior design.  After receiving a degree from Penn State University, she followed her true passion.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marywood College in 1994, a five year program.  With determination for solving problems and a love of aesthetics she began her 15 year career in kitchen design.  Working with client and contractor she gained the ability to listen to their needs and convey the design for successful results.

Erin broadened her knowledge of color, lighting, and composition working for a professional photographer.  She finds life more rewarding appreciating good design wherever it is found.   She believes that although home is the most important interior of our personal lives, most of us will spend a great deal of our waking hours in places where we work or do business and must function viably for those who occupy them.



Emily graduated from Marywood University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design, and in 2017 with a Master of Studio Arts in Interior Architecture and Design. She interned at a multidisciplinary architecture firm and still works for a local organization before she began working with Deb Stone Interiors. “Working as a community support professional has given me the opportunity to work one-on-one with individuals who have developmental disabilities, which has greatly impacted my passion and responsibilities as a designer. I perceive the spatial organizations, lighting, color schemes, materiality, texture, and acoustical qualities of interiors through the lens of these individuals’ sensory sensitivities, making the design process that much more challenging yet intriguing.”

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Debbie has worked as an established event planner since 2007, prior to joining the DSI team in 2016.  She is well versed in coordinating social events, parties, weddings, and fundraisers with all of the details needed for a successful affair.  Debbie is a talented florist with many years of experience creating and assembling small items of celebratory importance, such as corsages, as well as grand gesture arrangements. When Debbie is not planning events and creating floral arrangements, she enjoys spending her time with her 5 grandchildren (6th is on the way!) and traveling with friends & family on a cruise or to her favorite destination, Clearwater, Florida.